Barbra Streisand - Love is a Bore текст песни

Here is a verse unlike any verse

To a song that youve never heard

It deals with the subject that I and the authors agree

Is at best absurd

Love is a bore

Love is a ball game without a score

Love is a sail boat without a sail

The lock on the candy store

Asparagus without the hollandaise

Plus all the petty laughs

In tennesse williams plays

I used to love it but now its a drag

Love is a flag pole without a flag

Love is the mailman without the mail

A comic without a gag

A soap-opera plot and lots lots more

But mainly I mean love is a bore

Its ill-call-you-tomorrow

Its a phone that never rings

Its a sack full of sorrow

Or a ride on angels wings

So just remember the next time you saw

Love is an exit without a door

But if youre in love youll ignore

All the things that Ive said here before

And youll pray that your love

Whatever he does

Will come back and be

The bore that he was


Текст песни Barbra Streisand - Love is a Bore Love is a Bore
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