Barbra Streisand - Who Are You Now? текст песни

Nick is not in the audience for fanny's opening night, and she's worried,
But when he makes a late appearance at the party, she's angry at him until
He tells her that a hurricane has destroyed their casino and he's lost all
Her money. fanny doesn't think it's that big a deal, and this makes nick
Angry. fanny doesn't understand why:

Who are you now,
Now that you're mine?
Are you something more
Than you were before?
Are you warmer in the rain,
Are you stronger for my touch,
Am i giving too little
By my lovin' you too much?
How is the view,
Sunny and green?
How do you compare it to
The views you've seen?
I know i am better, braver and surer too,
But you--are you now--
Who are you now?
Are you someone better for my love?

Текст песни Barbra Streisand - Who Are You Now? Who Are You Now?
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