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H?o naefre wacode d?gr?d
T? bisig mid d?geweorcum
Ac oft h?o wacode sunnanwanung
?onne nihtciele cr?ap geond m?ras
And on ?aere hwile
H?o dr?ag ?? losinga
Earla ?inga ?e h?o forl?as.
H?o sw? oft dr?ag hire s?wle sincende
H?o ne c??e hire heortan lust.

(She never watched the morning rising,
Too busy with the day's first chores,
But oft she would watch the sun's fading,
As the cold of night crept across the moors.
And in that moment
She felt the loss
Of everything that had been missed.
So used to feeling the spirit sink,
She had not felt her own heart's wish.)

Текст песни Soundtracks - The Missing The Missing
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