Soundtracks - The Journey - Mpulz l текст песни

I know that you're searching for answers
A fade that you be left behind
But you can't rush time
Gotta waited in line
In time the answers you'll find

You'll get your wings at the right time
Even birds must learn how to fly
Gonna move on from what's breaking your heart
Don't let your life pass, you by

I know that you're scared of failing
But you can't succeed if you don't try
To see what I do, I believe in you
And so your wings will take fly


Sunshine, always follows the rain
And the answers always follows the pain
As never look back
And learn from the past
Heart is all, is all you need
All you need


Taking the journey
Enjoying the ride
Be true to yourself
And your heart be your guide

Текст песни Soundtracks - The Journey - Mpulz l The Journey - Mpulz l
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