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H? laered hine r?dan
And wealdan m?ce
And standan f?st
And f?ond ne forhtian.
N? h? sceal leornian
??t hearde s??:
H? raerede his cnapa
Of cilde t? menn
??t h? his d?a? ges?o.
S? f?ond w?s simble mid heom.
S? f?ond ne reccede ege.

(He taught him to ride,
To wield a sword,
To stand strong
And show his enemy no fear.
Now he must learn
The hard truth:
That he had brought his boy
From childhood.
So that he might face his death
Like a man.

The enemy was always with them.
The enemy did not care about fear.)

Текст песни Soundtracks - The Fallen The Fallen
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