Soundtracks - So Much More Than a Dream текст песни

I've always dreamed
That my life could be
Like a fairy-tale
A perfect fantasy
Every day a new adventure
On some undiscovered shore
Was it nothing more
Than a dream?
Then one magic night
With a single dance
I found more than just a storybook romance
And for once my life was perfect
As we glided 'cross the floor
And it was so much more than a dream
So much more than a dream
I could say it never happened
Just a dream from the start
But then i'd live my life
With a broken heart

Cause in a Prince's arms
I've found a love I can't deny
If there's any chance to set things right
I've simply got to try
So I'll trust my heart
What else can I do?
I can't live in dreams
If my dreams are to come true
There's a better life that's waiting
Past the mountains I must climb
I will take a chance on love
to get my once upon a time
Oh, I want so much more
So much more
Than a dream

Текст песни Soundtracks - So Much More Than a Dream So Much More Than a Dream
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