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I know you have questions
Same ones as me
How long has it been?
How long will it be?
When will come the morning
to drive the night away
Tell me when will come the morning
of a brighter day

Patience, little sister
Patience, little brother
Patience, patience
take each other by the hand
yea yeaa...whoa
Patience little sisters
Patience little brothers
lets us walk together
to the promise land

There's a river... to cross
and a mountain... to climb
Patience, Patience,
it's gunna take some time

We must walk in Peace
we got to walk in peace
it's the only, only way
If we want to see that morning, yea
of a brighter day
(of a brighter day)

Patience little sister
Patience little brother
Patience, patience
We're gunna find a way

Patience little sisters
Patience little brothers
until that morning of a brighter day
hey heyyyyy
oh Patience, Patience
till the brighter day
till that brighter day
come on now
come come now sing it
got to have some patience, patience

Текст песни Soundtracks - Patience Patience
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