Soundtracks - Lament For Gandalf текст песни

A Ol?rin i y?resse
Mentaner i N?meherui
T?rien i R?men?ri,
Maiaron i oiosaila
Manan elye etevanne
N?rie i malanelye?

Mithrandir, Mithrandir! A Randir Vithren!
?-reniathach i amar galen
I reniad l?n ne m?r, nuithannen
In gwidh ristennin, i fae narchannen
I Lach Anor ed ardhon gwannen
Calad veleg, ethuiannen.

(Ol?rin whom long ago
sent by the Lords of the West
to guard the Lands of the East,
ever-wise of the Maiar
what drove you to leave
the land which you loved?

Mithrandir, Mithrandir, O Pilgrim Grey
No more you will wander the world green
Your journey has ended in darkness
The bonds cut, the spirit broken
The Flame of Anor has left this World
A great light has gone out.)

Текст песни Soundtracks - Lament For Gandalf Lament For Gandalf
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