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[C.C.] Effie, Curtis was supposed to

[Effie] Love me. Curtis was supposed to love me.

[Curtis] There you are Effie. I

[Effie] I turn my back and find myself out on the line. You could have warned me, but that would have been too kind!

[Curtis] I

[Effie] That

[Curtis] Effie, please. Stop excusing yourself. You

[Effie] Now you lying, lying; I never been so thin. You lying, lying,

[Deena] Now who you callin

[Effie] You! I

[Deena] Now you listen to me, Miss Blame-It-On-The-World. See I put up with you for much too long. I have put up with your bitching, I

[Lorelle] Oh now when are you two gonna stop all this fighting?

[Effie] Stay outta this Lorelle, this is between Deena and me!

[Lorelle] Yeah, well it

[Effie] I always knew you two were together!

[Lorelle] What!

[Effie] Always knew you two were ganging up on me!

[Deena] She had nothing to do with this change. It was you! It was you always thinking of you. Always thinking of you!

[Curtis] I knew you were trouble from the start.

[Effie] Trouble?

[Curtis] You were real bad trouble from the start!

[Effie] Curtis, I

[Curtis] You

[Effie] There

[C.C.] Lay off Effie, just take the money and run.

[Effie] You in this with them, C.C.?

[C.C.] Cool it Effie, this time you know what you

[Effie] So they

[C.C.] I said cool it Effie, this time you

[Effie] Oh I can go further, I can go further!

[Michelle] I don

[Effie] Yeah? Well it

[Michelle] Now you watch your mouth, watch your mouth, Ms. Effie White.

[Effie] I

[Everyone] Effie, we all got pains!

[Effie] Oh! Is that alright also with you? I was your sister!

[Everyone] You were trouble.

[Effie] Now you

[Everyone] And now we

[Effie] And now I

[Everyone] It

[Effie] I ain

[Everyone] It

Текст песни Soundtracks - It's All Over It's All Over
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