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I came into this world as a Gemini
Be getting high on the la 'til the day that I die - Jah
So hear the words that I'm spillin'
Crack a brew or two and now ya know I'm cold chillin'
You'll never see the D sip-sippin' on some sizurp
I skip the main course and go straight for the dizzert
And now I wanna party with you
C'mon babe now do whatcha do

Come on everybody get loose tonight
Throw a hand in the air if ya feelin' aiight
We don't care if ya stare 'cause the music is tight
Lemme hear ya say YEAH so we can do this right

I get busy to get dizzy like Gillespie
So if you're with me come on and hit me just test me
You see I rock with the rhythm with rhythm I will roll
Just a funny lookin' kid with a whole lotta soul
And I like to get down like the rest o' y'all
'Cept I got a little twist to the way that I ball
If you're passin' me a blunt you bet I'll take a haul
If you need to rock a party you can give us a call
Now come on everybody who's in the mood
Do like Jacob Miller and eat some food

Текст песни Soundtracks - Get Loose Get Loose
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