R Kelly - (Sex) Love Is What We Makin' текст песни

I touch you
You wake
All the love that we've been making
I can not believe that its goin on the 3rd day
No need for a clock
Cuz baby girl we wont stop
Got me wantin to keep on goin
Every since the pants drop

We been making out for a quite while
Unbelievable how we drive each other wild
It don't make no sense
This is heaven sent
You have put a spell on me

I want
Sex in the morning
Sex in the evening
Sex in the new day
Even when we sleeping
I want sex on all the holidays
And every single weekend
Baby girl its okay because love is what we making

We'll take our time
Cuz girl we got our whole life
Your sex is incredible it's goin on the 12th night
Girl anytime any place in the world
And I will satisfy your body ways unheard


All the way through the night babe
Straight through to the morning time
Girl tonight I vow to keep your body satisfied
Let's keep on goin babe
Until night comes again
Let's keep it consistent
There's no such thing as us stopping
Your body on top of my body every single night
I wanna hear you scream
I wanna hear you sing to me

[Repeat til end]

Текст песни R Kelly - (Sex) Love Is What We Makin' (Sex) Love Is What We Makin'
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