Prince - We Gets Up текст песни

Oh yeah, what'd u think was gonna happen?
Come on!
We gets up, everybody get down
Make a sound, make a sound
We gets up when we come 2 your town
I said the lost is found

We gets up - ain't no need 2 trip
We're the one deserving of the championship
We gets up - so u feel the gift
All the competition, they got 2 quit


Yeah! how u think we comin'?
Smash em' like u wanna sting

We just bad - we so bad, we good
Comin' 2 wreck shop in your neighborhood
Npg - and we're makin' it understood
Ain't no one can stop us, how u think u could?


Yeah, npg, new power soul, k-k-k-kick it!

Oh yeah!
Gimme the break, gimme the break, huh

If y'all take a left, we gonna go right
But we'll keep this mutha rockin' till the broad daylight

People, wave your hands
Ain't nobody better in all of the land
See them go ...{boom}! yeah, we crushin' the man
That don't believe we get up, yes we can!
We gets up, up, up, up!

Oh yeah! {x2}


We gets up {x5} (oh yeah)

We gets up!

Текст песни Prince - We Gets Up We Gets Up
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