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(style) style, uh!
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Style, dig it
(style) style, come on
Uh, style
Style is not something that comes in a bottle
Style is more like jackie o. when she was doin' aristotle
Style is not a logo that sticks 2 the roof of one's ass
Style is like a second cousin 2 class

U got it! - style, come on
U got it! - style, say what?
U got it! - style, come on
U got it! - style, check it

Style ain't sittin' court side with the owner of the team
Style is owning the court and charging 'em all a fee
Style is not lusting after someone because they're cool
Style is loving yourself 'til everyone else does 2

U got it! - style, come on
U got it! - style, maybe
U got it! - style, well well
U got it! - style

Style don't get drunk on a saturday night
Try 2 dress up every sunday mornin' bright
Style don't get married then break the vow in a year
Style is keepin' a promise
Raise your hand y'all if u hear me

(style) {x2}

Style is not biting style when u can't find the funk
Style is the face u make on a michael jordon dunk
Style ain't the jeep u bought when u know your broke ass got bills
Style is lettin' your lover drive while u talk on the phone and chill

U got it! - style
U got it! - style, maybe
U got it! - style, come on
U got it! - style

Style is a gold-tooth smile with an attitude
Style is a peaceful wild postin' the rude
Style is growing your own food
Style is a non-violent march
Style is an accurate account of what's inside every heart (style)

Style is not a lie
Style is a man that cries
Style is the glow in a pregnant woman's eyes

(style) {x4}

U got it! - style, come on
U got it! - style, do that, do that
U got it! - style, got it?
U got it! - style, mad, come on

(style) u got it! - yeah
(style) u got it!
Style is a peaceful wild y'all
(style) u got it! - style
(style) u got it!
Style is not thinking about style
So let me stop (style)

(style) {repeats in bg}
It's nice man
What u call that?
Style, i like that
It's about me?
(keep, keep, keepin' on, people gotta keep, keep, keepin' on)
Right on (u got it!)
I ain't got no job, but i got style
Style, yeah

(style) u got it!
Oh yeah
Hang on, hang on...

Style is buying your moms a house
Style is a clean mouth
Style is puppy breath
Style is no fear of death
Style is ali's jab
Style is hailing a cab (style)
Then u know, givin' 'em the finger when they pass your ass!

(style) (u got it!) bonnie, bonnie
(style) (u got it!) oh yeah
(style) shirley, shake your ass, shirley
(sytle) shirley, shirley, i love u, shirley

(style) (u got it!) {repeat in bg)
Style is mayte in the shower
Style is a soul new power
Style is when all black men are free
Style is u and me

(u got it!) {x3}

Текст песни Prince - Style Style
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