Prince - Solo текст песни

So low, the curb looks like a skyscraper
So high, the stars are under me
So quiet, i can hear the blood rushing through my veins
So low, i feel like i'm going insane
The angels, they watch in wonder
When u made love 2 me
Through the rain and the thunder
U cried in ecstacy

And u were so kind
I felt sorry 4 all creation
Because at the time, no 1 was lucky
No 1 was lucky, no 1 was lucky as me

And now u're gone and i just wanna be still
So silent, i'll just let my senses sleep

It's gonna be so hard 2 hear my voice
If i ever learn once more 2 speak

I'm so lost, no 1 can find me
And i've been looking 4 so long
But now i'm done
I'm so low, solo, my name is no 1

Текст песни Prince - Solo Solo
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Исполнитель: Prince

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