Prince - Sexual Suicide текст песни

Baby, u take a walk
Take a walk and leave me behind
Baby, u gonna walk, yeah
Gonna walk right out of your mind
U better have 2 feet
We got no reason, reason 2 lie
Baby, u take a walk
Think i'm gonna take a sexual suicide

Baby, if u only knew
All the love, want a love that's deep in my heart
Ooh baby, bein' here with u
Wouldn't be nothin' could tear us apart
Alright, uh, every night
Cool surrender, lost in your arms
U, u'll be surprised
Doin' it in the cuffs, sound your alarm
Baby, gonna take a walk
Think i'm gonna take a sexual suicide

No body like my body, baby
Ain't no ride like my ride
Super skin in my car, baby
If u're drivin' me, then maybe
Sexual suicide

Ain't it a shame
That u won't play the game
Got 2 much pride
U, u make your bed
But u got 2 see the sexual, sexual suicide
Suicide, sexual, sexual suicide

U take a walk
We can talk

Текст песни Prince - Sexual Suicide Sexual Suicide
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Исполнитель: Prince

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