Prince - Segue (xiii) текст песни

Hey yo, kirk
U know, i'm thinkin' why don't we put this shit out ourselves
Hey girlfriend, how u doin'?
Listen, i got 2 tickets 2 the n.p.g. concert, wanna go?
Fuck the record company!
There's 2 many ways 4 them 2 stiff us
Besides, they'd have 2 be talkin crazy bank before we'd sign with 'em
Think about it
Yeah girl, all them brothers got money
It's at the glam slam
Yeah, pick u up at 8
Say what? cut some live tracks?
Yeah, we could do that
Oh, by the way, can i borrow that red dress of yours
Studio live, the double-decker vibe
I'm in the proper mood 2night
Huh, yeah, i'm with it
Whatever u do, don't wear that nasty-ass eternity or we're dead
So check it out, have the crew set up at the slam 2night
And i'll get the truck
Alright girl, see u later
And matter of fact, see if johnny can come down
Cuz we gonna rip it up 2night
It's go'n be so funky, boy, they go'n have 2 call the law

Текст песни Prince - Segue (xiii) Segue (xiii)
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