Prince - Segue (iii) текст песни

Oh, ladies night at the club y'all
When they gonna have some live music down there?
U mean when they gonna have some chicken down there?
Get in y'all, hurry up!
Who's the dj 2 night?
Who knows, we'll see when we get there
Let's go!
Record-scratchin' bastard's gonna get his ass whooped, whoever it is
Look out tommy, who told u u could drive?
Now give me them keys
Oh, how u gonna see with that mask on?
Same way i saw your mama
... that!
Put me in the trunk
Ah, i don't know about this
Did anybody ask u what u knew?
Man, have u ever had your blood pressure checked?
Man, fuck that!

Текст песни Prince - Segue (iii) Segue (iii)
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Исполнитель: Prince

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