Prince - Paisley Park текст песни

1, 2, 1, 2, 3

There is a park that is known
4 the face it attracts
Colorful people whose hair
On 1 side is swept back
The smile on their faces
It speaks of profound inner peace
Ask where they're going
They'll tell u nowhere
They've taken a lifetime lease
On paisley park

The girl on the seesaw is laughing
4 love is the color
This place imparts (paisley park)
Admission is easy, just say u
Believe and come 2 this
Place in your heart
Paisley park is in your heart

There is a woman who sits
All alone by the pier
Her husband was naughty
And caused his wife so many tears
He died without knowing forgiveness
And now she is sad, so sad
Maybe she'll come 2 the park
And forgive him
And life won't be so bad
In paisley park


See the man cry as the city
Condemns where he lives
Memories die but taxes
He'll still have 2 give
(who) whoever said that elephants
Were stronger than mules?
Come 2 the park
And play with us
There aren't any rules
In paisley park

Chorus repeated 2 times

Your heart, your heart
Paisley park
Your heart, your heart, your heart (sing, sing it)
Paisley park
Paisley park
Paisley park

Текст песни Prince - Paisley Park Paisley Park
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