Prince - Npg Operator Intro текст песни

New power generation
Is this paisley park?
No, this is not that record company
This is n.p.g. records
Are u conducting a talent search?
Yes, that's true
We are conducting a worldwide talent search
What are u looking 4?
What are we looking 4?
Well, first and foremost, u have 2 get free
U know, when it comes time 2 download your work into your fans' computers
U can't have any other contractual obligations
Second of all, u have 2 get smart
Wait a minute
The more substantial your education, the more substantial your income in
The new city
And thirdly and above all
In the face of all adversity, u must be able 2 ...

Текст песни Prince - Npg Operator Intro Npg Operator Intro
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