Prince - Npg Bum Rush The Ship текст песни

Meanwhile, somewhere in outer space

Photelic drive stable at this time, ha ha
U havn't even seen tommy, have ya? (no)
A million 2 hundred million kilowatts per second captain
Yes, ensign elm
I will be taking a weekend furlough down in the..
What, that's not fast enough, we have 2 get up 2 4
That's right, it's fast when we fix it
It has 2 be!
I'm going 2 the intergalactic glam slam down there
(furlough, what do u mean? try it, it's fast)
What kind of piece of junk is this?
I'm going 2 the intergalactic carnival
This shipment's voodoo
I'm gonna send it.. 8 million before?
I'm goin' fishin' cuz that's my style
(godamn it, i tried 2 fix this shit)
Wait, wait a minute, what is this?
(huh, i don't know)
Try a little more
I don't.. oh my, i better tell the captain
(fuck the captain)
I'm getting some strange readings on my vanillascope
Maybe u should take a listen
Leave me alone!
I'm busy hookin' up the world 2 my lastest creation
The endorphin machine (yep, uh huh)
The only one of its kind (the only one of its kind, uh huh)
I don't know captain, u better come check this out
I have all the best minds in europe (every one, yep)
And soon i'll have all the minds of the world, ha ha ha ha (ha ha ha ha)
But it appears 2 be getting louder and closer
Oh my god, it's them!

What up muthafuckas?
Stay calm and no one will be hurt!
Watch out!
What he'd say?
What, what, what's that?
Get out of the way
Hey, come here u, get your ass over here
Get your ass on the floor, we takin' this shit over
Get your hand out of your pants
I see ya
Take your hands out of your pants right now
Get'em out of there
Come here, get on the floor
What? fellas?
Get over here now
I'll whip your ass
Who? what? where?
Ask him? what? who?
Get them 2 say'em
Leave me alone! what? what?
U don't have 2 ask us now
Come here, goddern it
Hey, i've had enough
I think we got control now

U will be moved when the npg come
And take a chunk of your ass!

Текст песни Prince - Npg Bum Rush The Ship Npg Bum Rush The Ship
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