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In my deuce and a quarter feelin' funky funky fine
And i'm rockin' that stupid shit
In my deuce and a quarter feelin' funky funky fine
And i'm rockin' that stupid shit
Rollin' in my deuce deuce 5
Convertible top down so i can see the honeys passin' me by
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood
But 5 or 10 minutes, a criminal puts me in a bad mood
And some would say that's just a black man's perspective
But nowaday, i find that it's reflective
Of what i see goin' down everyday
My brothers and my sisters gettin' played
So we revert 2 committin' dope, many brothers get hurt
By another brother who don't like salt in his dirt
Cuz in the streets, see, that's the way it is
U keep your mouth shut and stay out of other people's biz
See, the system wasn't made 4 me or u
And as a matter of fact, it wasn't made 4 a poor white who...
Gets their weekly hit
Or should i say that weekly check and start depending on that shit like a glass dick
These are some of the feelings that i'm holdin'
But everything's fine while i'm rollin'...


(don't everyday)

How many, how many times must we commit crimes
Against people no better off than us, but in our own minds?
A-havin' it, grabbin' it, tastin' it
And when u step off, i finally rub your face in it
See, the local's preacher is not suited 4 the have-nots
The poor get poorer and the rich continue 2 clock ... not!
That means u end up with the booty
And we all know a broke man is a man with no friends
And that's basically the way society is
And money talk, pusher walk and sleepin' on the politics
Soon we must live 2 consolidate
As we continue 2 consume instead of producin', seal our on fate
(in my deuce and a quarter feelin' funky funky fine)
People right now really don't give a damn
(and i'm rockin' that stupid shit)
Cuz in the 20 mile radius, there's probably not one black and...
Hispanic taken 4 granted and left 2 clean their own shit up, huh
No need 4 panic, i'm out
That's bullshit!


In my... in my... in my...
Rockin' that stupid shit
Rockin'... rockin'... rockin' that stupid shit

Текст песни Prince - Deuce & A Quarter Deuce & A Quarter
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