Prince - Da Bang текст песни

Say i don't mind
What u do 2 me
If u waste my time
Then it's meant 2 be
I called your number (yes i did)
Like u told me 2

Like a puppet on a string
I'm go'n dance and i'm go'n sing
I will do most anything
If u promise me da bang, bang, bang!

Don't wanna lie
I just wanna do it
But some other guy (baby)
Has beat me 2 it
If u're in love (well)
We're 2 of a kind (yes we are)
What good is your body, baby
Without your mind (not much)


Hit me, niggas!

So here's the story
I'm here 4 u
Without the boring
Without the cool
When u try 2 fake it (baby)
And u wanna get through (u know what i'm talkin' about)


Bang, bang, bang!
Yeah! ooh!

Текст песни Prince - Da Bang Da Bang
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