Hinder - 2 Sides Of Me текст песни

This ain't a love song, but don't get me wrong,
I'm gonna love you all night long while your turning me on,
Till the lovin' and the liquor's gone,
And if you wanna like girl you'd better find me before the sun goes down,
And if you wanna hate me it ain't gonna take me long
Just stick around it's like a match to gasoline
I'm nice as hell till I get mean,
I'll be your prom king early mr. clean Charmin
Your momma at your front door, and then your late night bar fight
Damn right I'm the guy passed out on your floor,
Ain't gotta spin me around to see there ain't no in-between the two sides of me, This ain't rehab I ain't that bad too many good times to be had,
I ain't hanging my hat till I'm stumbling down that path
But if you wanna like me better catch me right before the shot goes down,
And if you wanna hate me I won' think your crazy
There's other girls in town, right now I'm mr. right but that ain't gonna last all night!

Текст песни Hinder - 2 Sides Of Me 2 Sides Of Me
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