Frank Sinatra - Ill Wind текст песни

Blow ill wind,

Blow away,

Let me rest today.

Youre blowin me no good,

No good.

Go ill wind,

Go away,

Skies are oh so gray

Around my neighborhood,

And that aint good

Youre only misleadin the sunshine Im needin,

Aint that a shame

Its so hard to keep up with troubles that creep up

From out of nowhere,

When loves to blame.

So ill wind, blow away.

Let me rest today.

Youre blowin me no good.

So, ill wind, blow away,

Please let me rest today.

Youre blowing me no good, no good, no good.

Текст песни Frank Sinatra - Ill Wind Ill Wind
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Исполнитель: Frank Sinatra

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