Erick Sermon - The Hype текст песни

{Beastie Boys sample:
Here's a little story I gots to tell repeats in background}

[Erick Sermon]
Hype, one two like that y'all
Check it out one two y'all
It's the beat, that make it one and two y'all
It's the beat, that makes me wanna ?
Peace to my niggaz
Peace to my mens
Like that, one two y'all, check it out

Sunday's here, the end of the week
And the club's packed and shit, I feel like freakin
Pick up the phone, call my niggaz, Yo whattup dude?
Need me a bitch man, to put me in the fuckin mood
Check this here - I'll pick you up around twelve o'clock
right around the parking lot, I'll find a spot
It's on, man I'll see you soon
in about twelve hours, yeah past noon

It's the hype yo
It's the hype

Word, pulled up brake, ehh, by the front door
Parlay, and I stepped out hardcore
I tipped the boy park the car in the front
Not the back, in case I have to run and get my strap
I walked inside, somebody sing, Errrick Serrrmon
That's me, got me in free
Looked around the club, man no half-steppin
Walked straight up, to the V.I.P. section
Sat by the wall, so I can see what's happenin
My boys spread out, got their girls, and rappin
Oh no, I see a girl comin towards me
Posse deep, so I paused for the cause G
She approached me, hi, told me her name
I told her my name, then kicked the game
Sat beside me, like Little Miss Tuffet (hello)
Talkin bullshit, knowin I want to fuck it
Basically, I figured she was widdit
So I pulled out my ink pen and exchanged the phone digits
Gimme a call when you get to your crib
So I can get directions, right to where you live
She smiled, and left, the girl was wide open
I'm no jokin, when the E blows the smoke in
Check the Rolex, asked for my check
The waitress came over in a pair of black spandex (whoo!)
Gave me a look like, Aren't you Erick Sermon?
Yes, and who is it concernin? Me, that's the hype

It's the hype

I asked her, What time you get off? Oh, in 15 minutes
So I stormed the bitch like a blizzard
Umm, can I take you home? Sure meet me in the parking lot
I'll flash my high beams, so you can find my spot
She came out - MAN, she was all that
Cool like that, and stacked like that
She jumped in with a wide open grin
Before I went to her crib, I dropped off my best friend
Got to his house, and gave him dap
He knew what time it was, so he passed me a jim hat
Got to her house, then parked the Jeep
I asked her who was home she said her sister but she sleep
Walked upstairs, right into the room
with one skylight lookin straight at the moon (yep yep)
She wasted no time, man she was on it
Grabbed for the bozack, and her hands was packed
Took off our clothes, went to work, man trust me
I heard someone knockin, somebody tried to bust me
It was her sister, man I must be buggin (ahh shit!)
It's the same girl, I met from the night clubbers
That's your sister? Oh I didn't know -- I'll go
and they both screamed, Hell no!
They smiled, with a devilish grin
and the other sister jumped in

That's the hype
It's the hype yo
That's the hype
Word em up, one two it's the hype, check it out yo yo
It's the hype yo
It's the hype, yo it's the hype, word em up it's the hype
Yo ?, take em out

Текст песни Erick Sermon - The Hype The Hype
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