Erick Sermon - God Sent текст песни

feat. Redman
Let me clear my throat! {*scratched: "hey hey hey"*}
Kick it over here baby pop! {*scratched: "one two"*}
Feel the beat... mmm DRRRRROP!

[Erick Sermon]
Look, some of y'all had chance to witness
Every year I appeared on top hitlist
I produced, half the rap world
A third of R&B, no help just me (YO!)
Just me on the rhyme, just me on the beat
Just me in the lab, just me in the street
Most knew it, my accolades stacked high
Appalachian, Mountain placin them
Top ten, I'm rap's elite, so street
If you can't recite the realness, don't speak (YO!)
My sound help cats through bids
Half the industry rhymes on somethin I did
I target, one market
Underground shit to start arguments about who's dope
Hip-Hop kids, like crackheads
they fiend for this, like he's a genius
No I'm God sent

[Chorus 2X: Erick Sermon]
Yes I'm one of God's children
Erick, I'm blessed with a gift, yeah
I "Walk This Way"
Run-D.M.C. style and Jay, you see like trust I'm God sent

[Erick Sermon]
Yeah, I'm on a 15 year spread
Retire from the game when I'm dead
For now I'm livin, I'ma keep givin
this Boogie Down Production for Scott LaRock
Peace, to Biggie, Pun, Big L and 'Pac
Freaky Tah, Eazy-E, and the rest that dropped
{Redman: "DRRRRROP!"}
For those who wonderin, it's no other
Five times on The Source, I graced the cover
So save your opinion, you wanna hear that old
"You're a Customer" type flow, when I rhyme slow
That was 15 years ago - if you wanna hear that
then buy that tape, and hear that flow (YO!)
Jah said somethin like you have to grow
Can't stagnate the flow, cause you said so
I walk this way, cause I've paid dues
I'm a giant, and you need platform shoes
Talk to me


[Erick Sermon]
Okay last bomb, so I'ma let this go
Been fresh since Doug and Ricky did "The Show" (YO!)
And you act like E's not able
You ain't said nuttin, put the cash on the table
I'm from the era of battle, LL, Moe Dee
Who held the mic when you held the rattle
But you frontin like E's not happenin
Like Run told me, "I'm the reason why you rappin"
Feel my spirit, so powerful that the dead can hear it
I'm Raw, got the wrath of Kane
Look in the mirror it's the man
Not the one that Michael Jackson was searchin
It's me Erick Sermon

Rest in peace to Jam Master Jay

Текст песни Erick Sermon - God Sent God Sent
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