Eminem - We as Americans текст песни

[Eminem singing]
There's an intruder.. in my house
He cut my phone line.. can't dial out
I scream for police.. but I doubt
They're gonna hear me.. when I shout

A couple of cocktails'll send me to jail
There's a couple of cops hot on my trail
But this time, when I get pulled over
there's a Doberman Pinscher and a pitbull in the seat
These pigs'll get bit foolin with me, quit foolin with me
Bitch, you're gonna see, no pistol in the seat
Why it always gotta be an issue when you're me?
And which you're gonna see in the long run, I'ma be the wrong one
you wanna harass with this limo-tinted glass
Flashin that flashlight on my ass, where was you at
last night when them assholes, ran up on my grass?
Rapper slash actor - kiss the crack of my cracker slash ass
They took away my right to bear arms
What I'm 'posed to fight with bear palms?
Yeah right - they comin with bombs, I'm comin with flare guns
We as Americans

We as a Americans, us as a citizen
Gotta protect ourselves, look at how shit has been
We better check ourselves, livin up in these streets
Through worse and through better health, survivin by any means
We as Americans, us as a citizen
We are samaritans, what do we get us in
We better check ourselves, look at how shit has been
Take a look where you live, this is America
And we are Americans

I make beaucoup bucks, wearin beaucoup vests
Drama hanging over my head like a voodoo hex
I coulda been next to fly over the cuckoo's nest
with you know who, with an 'S' tatooed to my chest
But I've finessed it, now I've got the industry pissy
Ever since me and Dre split it fifty-fifty on 50
It's funny, we got a buzz spreadin quicker than makin
paper airplanes out of a twenty - fuck money!
I don't rap for dead presidents; I'd rather see the President {dead}
It's never been said, but I set precedents
and the standards and they can't stand it
My name shoulda been bastard, the shit shoulda been plastered
on my forehead with a stamp, I shoulda been blasted
I shoulda been had a cap put in my ass
But I'm too swift and fast for that, I'm past it
I'm too old to go and cruise Gratiot, fuck that shit
I done seen how fast this rap shit
can turn into some pap-pap shit, that quick, snap click
But this time they got fuckin auto-ma-tic
Ain't no one gon' test this mon, clack-click!


I got a secret if you can keep it between us
I tuck two nina's under my jeans either side of my penis
Under my longjohns, under my Sean Johns
When runnin with the long arm of the law I'm long gone
I'ma do five years, no less than that, no questions asked
So it might be a good idea to stop right here
And quit while I'm ahead, already in the red
Already got a steady infrared mapped on my head
A target on my back, bigger problems than that
Bin Laden on my ass, he probably gon' send a task
I ain't gon' even ask, they ain't gon' let me pack
They ain't gon' gimme my semi but I got my mac back


Текст песни Eminem - We as Americans We as Americans
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