Eminem - Watch Dees текст песни

Artist: dj spinna f/ eminem, thirstin howl iii

Verse one (thirstin howl):

I hit harder

Than forman

Landing both both gloves to a low blow

With no cup

Leave you speech-less like when arrested development broke up

Carry a crow bar for egos that wont budge

Crack skulls

Through helmets

With the penetration of a screw nailed in

Return like I was sending self addressed postage

Throw bricks the size of the stonehenge

Before battles, we pour blood

And toast, death to wicked infants

Found on the sorceress doorsteps

Slaughter lamb

And boars head

Every mcs cause of boredness

And mind bondage

Bronchitis, lung failure

Language unfam-i-liar

Art through a flooded air brush

? ? ? leave craft

Sentences joined with words holding hands

Its a tight squeeze

From where your head will be landing

In exact time flight leaves

Verse two (eminem):

Whos arm is this?

I must have cut it off at the pharmacist

And refused to resume my severed prescription of ? ? ?

Im the old man who lives upstairs and starves his pets

And never leaves his house cause he thinks his cars possessed

I hate my life

Thats why I degrade my wife

Grabbed a paper plate to make a sandwich

And just ate the knife

My mothers screaming please heal him, take him straight to christ

Meet you on the street and slap you just to break the ice

Made a bomb threat with a fake device

Strip you naked twice, pistol whip you and force you to take advice

And if you catch me bobbin my head to some bullshit spittin

I was probably just tryin to shake the lice

Bugs fallin out of my head

Im wishin I was dead

While Im crawlin out of my bed

Found it red

And my rash is returning

I feel the sensation of burning

Occurring, usually during pain for release in my urine

Screamin at my shadow please quit followin me

These pills keep screamin please quit swollin me

The devil keeps screamin please get down on one knee

Took the drugs before the cops ever found them on me

Текст песни Eminem - Watch Dees Watch Dees
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