Eminem - Say Goodbye Hollywood текст песни

Sayin goodbye
Sayin goodbye to hollywood
Sayin goodbye
Sayin goodbye to hollywood
Sayin goodbye
Sayin goodbye to hollywood
(HOLLYWOOD! why do i feel this way?)
Sayin goodbye
Sayin goodbye to hollywood

Verse 1:
I thought i had it all figured out, i did
I thought i was tough enough to stick it out with Kim
But i wasnt tough enough to juggle two things at once
I found myself layin on my knees in cuffs
Which should've been a reason enough
For me to get my stuff and just leave
How come i couldnt see this shit myself?
Its just me...nobody could see the shit i felt
Knowin damn well, she wasnt gonna be there when i fell
To catch me...the moment she was heated she just bailed
I'm standin here swinging like thirty people by myself
I couldn't even see the millimeter when it fell
Turned around saw Gary stashin the heater in his belt
Saw the bouncers rush em and beat em to the ground
I just sold two million records i dont need to go to jail
I'm not about to lose my freedom over no female
I need to slow down, try to get my feet on solid ground
So for now I'm

Chorus x2

Verse 2:
I bury my face in comic books
Cuz i dont wanna look at nothin
This worlds too much, i've swallowed all i could
If i could swallow a bottle of Tylenol i would
And end it for good, just say goodbye to Hollywood
I probably should,
These problems are pilin all at once
Cuz everything that bothers me i got it bottled up
I think i'm bottomin' out, but i'm not about to give up
Thank God, i got a little girl
And i'm a responsible father, so not a lot of good
Id be to my daughter, layin in the bottom of the mud
Must be in my blood, cuz i dont know how i do it
All i know is i dont wanna follow in the footsteps of my dad
Cuz i hate em so bad
The worst fear that i had was to grow up like his fuckin ass
Man if you could understand why i am, the way that i am
What do i say to my fans when i tell em I'm

Chorus x2

Verse 3:
I dont wanna quit, but shit
I feel like this is it,
For me to have this much appeal like this is suck
This is not a game, This fame, In real life this is sick
Publicity stunt my ass, conceal my fuckin dick
Fuck the guns, i'm done
I'll never look at Gats, If i scrap, I'll scrap
Like i aint never whooped some ass
I love my fans, but no one ever puts a grasp on the fact,
I've sacrificed everything that i have
I never dreamt i'd get to the level that i'm at
This is wack, This is more than i ever coulda asked
Everywhere i go, a hat, a sweater hood or mask,
What about Math, how come i wasnt ever good at that?
It's like the boy in the bubble, who never could adapt
I'm trapped, If i could go back, i never woulda rapped
I sold my soul to the devil, i'll never get it back,
I just wanna leave this game, with level head intact
Imagine goin from bein a no one to seein
Everythin blow up and all you did was just grow up MCing
Its fucking crazy, cuz all i wanted was to
Give Hailie the life that i never had
But instead i forced us to live alienated, so I'm sayin

Goodbye, Goodbye Hollywood (Goodbye)
Please Dont cry for me (It's been real)
When i'm gone for good (This shit is not for me)
Goodbye, Goodbye Hollywood (I'm not a fuckin star)
Please dont cry for me (No Way)
When im gone for good...
(I'm goin back home)

Текст песни Eminem - Say Goodbye Hollywood Say Goodbye Hollywood
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