Ella Fitzgerald - What You Want Wid Bess? текст песни

Oh... what you want wid bess?
She's gettin' ole now;
Take a fine young gal
For to satisfy crown.
Look at this chest
An' look at these arms you got.
You know how it always been with me,
These five years i been yo' woman,
You could kick me in the street,
Then when you wanted me back,
You could whistle, an' there i was
Back again, lickin' yo' hand.
There's plenty better lookin' gal than bess.

Can' you see, i'm with porgy,
Now and forever
I am his woman, he would die without me.
Oh, crown, won't you let me go to my man, to my man.
He is a cripple an' needs my love, all my love.
What you want wid bess? oh, let me go to my man. . .

What i wants wid other woman,
I gots a woman, yes,
An' dat is you, yes, dat is you, yes,
I need you now an' you're mine jus' as long as i want you.
No cripple goin' take my woman from me.
You got a man tonight an' that is crown, yes, crown, yes
You're my woman, bess, i'm tellin' you, now i'm your man.

(pressing her very close)

What you want with bess?
(boat whistles)
Lemme go, crown dat boat, it's goin' wiout me!

You ain't goin' nowhere!

Take yo' hands off me, i say, yo' hands, yo' hands, yo hands.
(crown kisses her passionately)

I knows you' ain' change - wid you and me it always be the
Same. git in dat thicket.
(bess backs into woods; crown follows.)

Текст песни Ella Fitzgerald - What You Want Wid Bess? What You Want Wid Bess?
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