Elffor - Darkness In The Foggy Mountains текст песни

Fight in battle like a beast. Fighting know enemies.
Stainless, blind my eyes and i will be forlorn on a
nightwatch knowing the betray. Blind power of
fighting. Revenge hour, it's now!!
Revenge hour, my enemies will suffer, death!!
Lightning, i'm immortal, i'm stone. Calling the forest
of nature, to help me in my last crusade.
The faithfull guide my battalions. Fight my arms
the sound of deadly weapon, souting to my fact the
endsound. Fight against me and you'll fear. Fight like
if were a disease. Your life is gone, death has won.

Текст песни Elffor - Darkness In The Foggy Mountains Darkness In The Foggy Mountains
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Исполнитель: Elffor

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