Egypt Central - Different текст песни

Used to live my life for you

Until my soul got tired

Did all I was supposed to do

I could fool a liar


Threw it all away

Through it all to find redemption

Gave it all away

Gave it all to who would listen


That's the price I paid

For being different

And I walk this road alone

That's the price I paid

For being different

I can call this life my own

Used to be a part of you

Until that part was taken

I used to see your point of view

Until my faith was shaken

Running in the sun to seek what I'll find

Crossing your path that intersects mine

Trapped in a scene that only seems real

Confronted by dreams that I can now feel

My fronts have all failed and been stripped away

We all look the same at the end of the day

Given up once I'll take it back twice

Will it ever cease this is my flight

Slow me down to breathe

Never will I break this fate could not faze me

Never could I shake the things that you gave me

My heart does not see

Concrete burns and skies will come down

But nothing can take the focus I've found

Текст песни Egypt Central - Different Different
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