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All is well life is hell, sometimes I wanna cry, a tear will never fall from these eyes. Misfortune turns to knowledge, and knowledge turns to strength, strength helps you move on, and move on is what I did. It's what I didn't do that mattered. Look at what you've done, telling me I don't count, and that I won't amount to much it's such I'm losing touch and it's fucked up, the shit that had you sucked up, when I was young it was all about hate, at a time I changed my mind but now it's back to basics. Walked through the flame with this pain in my eyes, that's all right cause I'm doubtless, I will survive. Why can't you just leave me be, why must you stand in my way. Now I wait, wait for the day, for you to see the light I see. Look at what you've done! If I took your life could I keep mine? Look at what you've done.

Текст песни E Town Concrete - Cycles Cycles
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