Drowning Pool - Alcohol Blind текст песни

"Alcohol Blind"

Come along, don't be afraid
Come along now, everything will be OK
Don't let it hurt, don't let it break
Just come along, I'll wash it all away

I own every ounce of pain
And I'll shoulder every ounce of blame

Love of my life
I've gone alcohol blind
Too many wrong roads
Drove me out of my mind
I did it one more time
For the love of my life
Down another wrong road
Drove me alcohol blind

I own every ounce of pain

Keep it up, until the end
Keep it up I'll be your best and then your only friend
I'll never hurt you, I'll never fault you
Just keep it up until the bitter end

I've seen blue skies turn into grey
Just like when dreams fade away
And I've seen my pride turn into shame
It all fades away

Текст песни Drowning Pool - Alcohol Blind Alcohol Blind
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