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Step up to this! witness anger from this raised up fist. the

Hood is jacked up bad, and more pain will come to exist. well,

Whose fault is it, and whos to blame? well, Im pointing my

Fingers at the ones who set up this game. this is what youve

Given us and that is what youve taken. jail wont cure your

Given disease; you are straight mistaken. child to child,

Blood stain on the flag, down on the solo creep fool and its

About to blast! its gonna be on fool! cuzz its about to

Blast! mind control and its fading fast! huh world cuzz its

About to blast! children crying and bullets crack! yup cuzz

Its about to blast! and its aiming at you, so what are you

Gonna do? give it to em! inner city erosion, political racial

Explosion. mental repression fuels that murder rates explosi-

On. from canons straight to the bloods and crips, I say they

Got you on lockdown with birds and a 20 dip. the system fuels

That anger - the killing goes on strong from 818 to 213 -

Bloodshed from your timebomb. you making a move on me? fool,

You better move fast, dying in the killing fields and its

About to blast! its about to blast! boom. another dead young-

Ster on my block. look in his face, politician, when a gun

Blast makes his body drop. your system killed him; mediocracy

Handed to him, statistical product. you and the concrete made

Hime useless. incarceration institution; 5 x 7 corruption;

Kill his mind is how you do him. realize as they de humanize

Our lives that they construct a raging humanity with fury in

Their eyes. welfare, the opportunity that disables the appli-

Cation of the generate crutch. clear the way for defective

Maturity which leads to psychopathic institutional conduct.

Lies, rape, intimidation, sovereign infliction of all. social-

Ly declared obscene application of reconstructive formula,

Fool! Ive had enough of the blood rainfall on me! 818 - 213 -

310 about to blast from that time bomb! boom.

Текст песни Downset - About to Blast About to Blast
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