Diesel Boy - Adria's Warhol текст песни

yesterday, I called an old friend in l.a. we laughed for hours about =
those days anyway, he's doing fine I'm glad to say it's funny, some =
things never change my dreams fade, but my memories are saved like the =
lion, they are brave what have I become? it's either all or none I never =
wanted anything from this world but love will I overcome? or will it =
leave me feeling numb? I never wanted anything from the world but love =
destiny, I think mine's leading me astray I'm on the tracks, here comes =
the train I can't complain, life's been good to me these days I guess =
I'll just fade away
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Текст песни Diesel Boy - Adria's Warhol Adria's Warhol
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