Devourment - Abomination Unseen текст песни

Something dormant inside of me
An evil awakened, soon to be free

A murderous vision of what's to be

Axe against the torso, gushing murderous, infectious, homicide
Thirst for the blood spray, spilling, coloring the walls red
Dead in seconds, mutilate extremities, chop off the head
To fornicate the lifeless object until I feel release

The bloodlust, snares a horde of victims
Many fall before me
A bloodbath ensues as I stab wildly
Indiscriminate flesh is hacked to pieces

Bodies are ravaged and torn to shreds
Bloodthirsty beast stands before the dead
Sexual lust turns my vision red
Blunt objects forced to smash open heads

Torture drives me
Guts draped upon me
The suffering delights me
I write in the agony

Gallons of blood, spilled on the floor
I rub my cock as I lick up the floor
Dead victims lie, a wonderful sight
Killed them for pleasure my own sick delight
Headless and butchered, torn limb from limb
Hunger takes over I disgorge wet skin
Ravaged and murdered, lifeless and cold
Now I will choke on my own death

Dead, I will take my
Life, the last act of
Mine, I'll carve my face into nothing
Dead, I will take my
Life, the last act of
Mine, my veins will spray til I'm no more

Текст песни Devourment - Abomination Unseen Abomination Unseen
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