Deceased - A Reproduction Of Tragedy текст песни

A loved one dies, you witness the funeral, the grave
But you have the past, the memories go beyond
The time has come, the loss of a dear soul to death
The end of a life, the start of what's beyond
With time you'll forget this passing of a friend
And when all is done, it's hard to just go on
But wait fragile fol, there's something awaiting
A wish for a soul
Can this all be? Can the dead reek of life
A second time around?
So you sit and you wonder how will it happen?
And can yuo believe
For what has been done, some sort of magic,
some sort of rite?
Can they return, is this the end? Is death the final world?
Asleep with your dreams, as the terror surrounds
To take you from all peace
The tension increases, for soon you must know
As you shed from your mind
A shriek seals the horror, as you awake from your world
To see an old morbid friend
You're frightened and panic, turning away
Into a dark eerie night
And all will feel loss, the distance between, within our time
We all witness life, we all witness death
The memories are yours, the casket is theirs,
For all of man, there is a gift
But still there is no end, we go on and on
But time shall ease the pain, the pain of all dying man
And still that torment goes on
To hunt and stalk this morbid prey
For death eternally awaits
Is this the final living dream?
The torture of this reborn fiend?
No more reproduction!!! Stop the reproduction!!!
To destroy this awful beasts remains
With fire, I feed it to the flames
The corpse is laughing and burning,
Its mind is shrunken and torn,
My life revolves around the heartbeat
Of its dark and everlasting pain
A reproduction of tragedy!!!

Текст песни Deceased - A Reproduction Of Tragedy A Reproduction Of Tragedy
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