David Bowie - Candidate текст песни

Inside every teenage girl theres a fountain

Inside every young pair of pants theres a mountain

Inside every mothers eyes is tommy tinkrems bed

Inside every candidate waits a grateful dead

I make it a thing, when Im on my own to relieve myself

I make it a thing, when I gazelle on stage to believe in myself

I make it a thing, to glance in window panes and look pleased with myself

Yeah, and pretend Im walking home

I took it so bad, I sat in the correction room

Took me a fag, and a kick in the moon

Well, I aint gonna suck no radar wing

Because inside this tin is tin

Would you like to techno-plate cause Im your candidate

Oh yeah

Its a matter of life

And the way you walk, youve got a brylcream queen

Its a matter of tact

In the things you talk, that keeps his passport clean

A matter of fact

That a cock aint a cock on a twelve inch screen

So Ill pretend Im walking home

You dont have to scream a lot to keep an age in tune

You dont have to scream a lot to predict monsoons

You dont have to paint my contact black

Now Ive hustled a pair of jeans

Do I have to give your money back when Im the fuhrerling

Ill make you a deal

Ill say I came from from earth and my tongue is taped

Ill make you a deal

You can get your kicks on the candidate

Ill make you a deal

For your futures sake, Im the candidate

Lets pretend were walking home

Uh-huh, uh-huh

Im the candidate

Im the candidate

Vote now for the candidate

Текст песни David Bowie - Candidate Candidate
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