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Go ahead, push you luck, find out how much love the world can hold, once upon a

Time I had control, and reigned my soul in tight. well the whole truth, its

Like the story of a wave unfurled, but I held the evil of the world, so i

Stopped the tide, froze it up from inside, and it felt like a winter machine

That you go through and then, you catch your breath and winter starts again,

And everyone else is spring bound. and when I chose to live, there was no joy,

Its just a line I crossed, it wasnt worth the pain my death would cost, so i

Was not lost or found. and if I was to sleep, I knew my family had more truth

To tell. and so I traveled down a whispering well, to know myself through

Them. growing up, my mom had a room full of books, and hid away in there, her

Father raging down a spiral stair, till he found someone, most days his son,

And sometimes I think my father, too, was a refugee, I know they tried to keep

Their pain form me, they could not see what it waas for. but now Im sleeping

Fine, somet

Imes the truth is like a second chance, I am the daughter of a great romance,

And they are the children of the war. well the sun rose with so many colors,

It nearly broke my heart, it worked me over like a work of art, and I was a

Part off all that. so go ahead, push your luck, say what it is you gotta say

To me, we will push on into that mystery, and itll push right back, and there

Are worse things than that, cause for every price, and every penance that i

Could think of, its better to have fallen in love, than never to have fallen

At all, cause when you live in a world, well it gets into who you thought youd

Be, and now I laugh at how the world changed me, I think life chose me after


Текст песни Dar Williams - After All After All
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