Cliff Richard - A Girl Like You текст песни

Angel face

Weve just met

Just how lucky can one boy get

Theres a light in your eye

I know its love and I know that I could be happy

With a girl like you

Tell your mom tell your pa

And tell your favourite old wishing star

Were in love, just by chance

I asked you would like to dance

Fancy dancing with a girl like you

Funny how love can come to a lonely heart

Im a boy, youre a girl I guess thats a pretty start

Here I am, there you are

Together baby we should go far

A girl like you, a boy like me

Two hearts together like they ought to be

Cant believe

Ive got a girl like

Текст песни Cliff Richard - A Girl Like You A Girl Like You
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Исполнитель: Cliff Richard

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