Case - A Song for a Skye текст песни

You know a man could
Never truly understand
The beauty of a woman
Until he takes part
In making one
I love you Skye
(My sunshine
You're my life
You're my life
You are)
You are my reason
Girl I sing this song to you
I love everything about you
You are my reason
Girl I sing this song to you
I love every little thing
About you

Sitting here
Thinking 'bout you girl
And what you mean to me
And how long it
Took me to believe
How much you really
Change my life, oh yeah
In your eyes
I can see the sunshine
Girl I'm so happy
You're all mine

You are the reason
My sun shines
Why everything
Seems just fine
Your daddy's
So proud of you
And all the
Little things you do
Sometimes I ask
My God why
He blessed me
With you Skye
Just know that
You were made from love
Give thanks above

Repeat chorus

I was walking around lost
For oh so long
Till little lady came my way
And it made me say
That I love you
Unconditional babe
'Cause now I'm whole
You're in my soul
All I do is think
About you baby

Repeat chorus
Repeat bridge

You're in my
Prayers every night
Asking God
To keep you, yeah
Safe in His arms
(Oh yeah)
It's all right
(Oh yeah)
Pretty little mama

Repeat bridge to fade

Текст песни Case - A Song for a Skye A Song for a Skye
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