Bob Dylan - Winterlude текст песни

Winterlude, winterlude, oh darlin,

Winterlude by the road tonight.

Tonight there will be no quarrelin,

Evrything is gonna be all right.

Oh, I see by the angel beside me

That love has a reason to shine.

Youre the one I adore, come over here and give me more,

Then winterlude, this dude thinks youre fine.

Winterlude, winterlude, my little apple,

Winterlude by the corn in the field,

Winterlude, lets go down to the chapel,

Then come back and cook up a meal.

Well, come out when the skating rink glistens

By the sun, near the old crossroads sign.

The snow is so cold, but our love can be bold,

Winterlude, dont be rude, please be mine.

Winterlude, winterlude, my little daisy,

Winterlude by the telephone wire,

Winterlude, its makin me lazy,

Come on, sit by the logs in the fire.

The moonlight reflects from the window

Where the snowflakes, they cover the sand.

Come out tonight, evrything will be tight,

Winterlude, this dude thinks youre grand.

Текст песни Bob Dylan - Winterlude Winterlude
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