Bob Dylan - Unbelievable текст песни

Its unbelievable, its strange but true,

Its inconceivable it could happen to you.

You go north and you go south

Just like bait in the fishs mouth.

Ya must be livin in the shadow of some kind of evil star.

Its unbelievable it would get this far.

Its undeniable what theyd have you to think,

Its indescribable it can drive you to drink.

They said it was the land of milk and honey,

Now they say its the land of money.

Who ever thought they could ever make that stick.

Its unbelievable you can get this quick.

Bridge #1:

Every head is so dignified, every moon is so sanctified,

Every urge is so satisfied as long as youre with me.

All the silver, all the gold, all the sweethearts you can hold

That dont come back with stories untold, are hanging on a tree.

Its unbelievable like a lead balloon,

Its so impossible to even learn the tune.

Kill that beast and feed that swine,

Scale that wall and smoke that vine,

Feed that horse and saddle up the drum.

Its unbelievable, the day would finally come.

Bridge #2:

Once there was a man who had no eyes,

Every lady in the land told him lies,

He stood beneath the silver skies

And his heart began to bleed.

Every brain is civilized,

Every nerve is analyzed,

Everything is criticized when you are in need.

Its unbelievable, its fancy-free,

So interchangeable, so delightful to see.

Turn your back, wash your hands,

Theres always someone who understands

It dont matter no more what you got to say

Its unbelievable it would go down this way.

Текст песни Bob Dylan - Unbelievable Unbelievable
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