Bob Dylan - I Dont Believe You текст песни

I cant understand,

She let go of my hand

An left me here facing the wall.

Id sure like t know

Why she did go,

But I cant get close t her at all.

Though we kissed through the wild blazing nighttime,

She said she would never forget.

But now mornins clear,

Its like I aint here,

She just acts like we never have met.

Its all new t me,

Like some mystery,

It could even be like a myth.

Yet its hard t think on,

That shes the same one

That last night I was with.

From darkness, dreamsre deserted,

Am I still dreamin yet?

I wish shed unlock

Her voice once an talk,

stead of acting like we never have met.

If she aint feelin well,

Then why dont she tell

stead of turnin her back t my face?

Without any doubt,

She seems too far out

For me t return t her chase.

Though the night ran swirling an whirling,

I remember her whispering yet.

But evidently she dont

An evidently she wont,

She just acts like we never have met.

If I didnt have t guess,

Id gladly confess

T anything I mightve tried.

If I was with er too long

Or have done something wrong,

I wish shed tell me what it is, Ill run an hide.

Though her skirt it swayed as a guitar played,

Her mouth was watery and wet.

But now something has changed

For she aint the same,

She just acts like we never have met.

Im leavin today,

Ill be on my way

Of this I cant say very much.

But if you want me to,

I can be just like you

An pretend that we never have touched.

An if anybody asks me, "is it easy to forget? "

Ill say, "its easily done,

You just pick anyone,

An pretend that you never have met!"

Текст песни Bob Dylan - I Dont Believe You I Dont Believe You
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