Bob Dylan - Huck???S Tune текст песни

The river is flowing from the west
Underneath the sunsets golden eyes
That lingers so sweetly on my chest
As I lie here gazing at the sky
Like the water running to the sea
Your memory drifts far away from me

I leave no mark or trace behind
As little on the senseless stream
As on your heart and mind
I wish I could touch you with my dream
I wish I could find the words to say
That will steal you from the past and make you stay

Somewhere on this lonely Earth
In the dust of the flowers to be
In the dewdrop kissing the dirt
Sleeps a solemn day made for me
If the sunrays can wipe away the rain
There must be a way to penetrate this pain

If I falter, then let me turn
And look into your brave maiden eyes
And catch the maddening fires that burn
Behind your suburban housewife disguise
I???m mad as a box of frogs, I???m armed
But I would rather pierce out my eyes, than do you any harm

Huck he went a-sailing on a float
He left the chains of time on the shore
The traveler???s curse it is the hope
Of finding what he went out searching for
Me, I will be sleeping underneath the moon
As the river keeps on humming to Huck???s tune

The river is flowing from the west
I keep drifting on the streams of my soul
Your memory is pounding in my chest
I???ll do anything to never let you go
To love you with all my spirits scope
To dream, to wish, to do everything but hope

Текст песни Bob Dylan - Huck???S Tune Huck???S Tune
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