Bob Dylan - Endless Highway текст песни

J. r. robertson

Take a silver dollar and put it in your pocket,

Never let it slip away.

Always be a man, not a boy gone astray.

When ya get half cra-zy from the august heat

Or on a frozen, rotted road

With no one to complain to about your achin feet.


Youre gonna walk that endless highway,

Walk that high-way till you die.

All you children goin my way,

Better tell your home-life sweet goodbye.

When I see a detour up ahead,

Well, I leave it far behind,

Who knows what youre apt to find there.

With the cost of livin, and the price of dyin,

Well it look like tme this time I wont be buyin


When they get a scapegoat by the throat,

Its hard labour and cold beans.

If ya get away real quick,

Youll be eatin from the poison peanut machine.

Well, I sing by night, wander by day.

Im on the road and it looks like Im here to stay.


Текст песни Bob Dylan - Endless Highway Endless Highway
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