Blind Guardian - A Dark Passage текст песни

I feel cold
Facing the darkness
The light's gone away
Deep in his castle he said
All land'll be mine
There's one thing for sure
The triumph of shadow is near
Deep in his castle they sang
We shall not rest
Until all will be thyne

All land is mine
You can be sure
Don't dare me
the mighty one screamed

Smashed down the light
I will not rest till I'm king
Valinor's empty now
allied the elves and men
they shall be damned

Rise of Fall
a dark tale ends
just wondering how
in the darkness
they found their way
to the right place
children of the sun
second kindred
we call their race
treat them kindly
born in the east
(are the) nightfearer
they moved westwards
towards the sunshine
(they are) morning breath like short's their life
(like) dawn passes by
when the day comes
the field was lost
(and) hope had passed away
the sun went down
beyond the sea
dark was the hour
but day shall come again

Clean my wounds
wash away all fear
let courage be mine
noone hears me crying

no song no tale
which contains all the grief
(but) renowned the deeds
and the victims of defeat

sit down on your chair
and look out for your kin
with my eyes you'll see
and with my ears you'll hear
you troubled my day
and you've questioned my strength
(but) don't mess
with the master of fate

I smashed down the light
and dared Valinor
I smashed down the light
revenge will be mine

Slowly marching on
still we're marching on

Текст песни Blind Guardian - A Dark Passage A Dark Passage
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