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Under the Sun

Well, I don't want no Jesus freak to tell me what it's all about,
No black magician telling me to cut my soul out,
Don't believe in violence; I don't even believe in peace
I've opened the door now my mind's been (release/relieved)

Well, I don't want no preacher telling me about the god in the sky,
No, I don't want no one to tell me where I'm gonna go when I die
I wanna live my life I don't want people telling me what to do
I just believe in myself, 'cos no one else is true

Ev'ry day just comes and goes
Life is one long overdose
People drive to ruination
I can see through their frustration

People hiding their real faces,
Each one running their rat races
Behind each flow'r there grows a weed
in their world of make-believe

So believe what I tell you; it's the only way you'll find in the end
Just believe in yourself you know you really shouldn't have to pretend
Don't let those empty people try and interfere with your mind
Just live your life and leave them all behind

Текст песни Black Sabbath - Under The Sun 1 Under The Sun 1
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