Black Sabbath - Shaking Off The Chains текст песни

Is life everything you want to be?
Does it give you everything that you need?
Does it live up to your expectations?
Are you ready for the celebrations?

This is not for the weak of mind,
Are you sure that you're my kind?
Do you want to be part of me?
Are you sure that you can really see?

Are you chained to a life you don't want?
Is it hard for you to find a way out?
Can you live without the love that you need?
Are you sure that what you have is so real?

All of your life, they try to take your cover,
Turn you into another, and make you change your name
When you fall, it's up to you to recover,
You can't depend on another, to help you with the pain, yeah

I'm shaking off the chains, I'm shaking off the chains

In the night, you say that things are falling,
People always calling, calling out your name
What do you know, a face appears at the window,
Tapping on the window, the window of your soul

I'm shaking off the chains, I'm tired of all the pain,
I'm shaking off the chains, let me live again,
Shaking off the chains, shaking off the chains

Текст песни Black Sabbath - Shaking Off The Chains Shaking Off The Chains
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